In 2250, a wormhole opened up in the orbit of Saturn. 3 months later, a vessel fell through it, before settling into orbit around Earth. 48 hours later, it spoke in every language, welcoming humanity to the stars. It introduced itself, not as an organic being, but a synthetic mind, and its origins, of the species that created custodians for their dying planet, before vanishing. It spoke of the connected network of wormholes that bridged some 300 stellar systems. It spoke of other species, of bird-like aliens who lived in mile high trees, of a species that resembled salamanders, who lived on a flooded planet of tropical archipelagos, and of even more.

As humanity and the other species began to come into contact, and swap stories, a disturbing trend began to arise. All of them had acheived spaceflight within 50 years of each other, and all their planets had underwent mass extinction events 66 million years ago. This, combined with the contrived nature of the wormhole network leads many to believe that the whole cluster is of an artificial nature, orchestrated by some even more advanced alien species

The story of Tapestry of Stars follows two people; Nathaniel Davison, a wartime reporter sent to the front lines of the conflict between Humans, and another species, the Kr'zk. There, Fisher finds that not everything in the broadcasts sent to the rest of the Tapestry is to be believed.

The other half of the story follows Pavani Friedman, a xenolinguistics grad student who stumbles across a lucrative, but dangerous job. Join the eccentric but wealthy Chuck Pharos on the first excursion outside of the Tapestry in centuries, to find evidence of alien civilizations.